Short Term Rental

Rental & Hire Services

Neva Consultants provides highly competitive short and mid-term vehicle rental services with access to largest short-term corporate vehicle rentalmanagement companies in the UK and providing a wide choice of cars and vans to rent for periods ranging from one day to one year and beyond.

Highly competitive rates

By utilising the combined rental fleets and branch networks of the UK's leading vehicle rental suppliers, we can provide customers with access to an almost unlimited number of vehicles and locations, including airports, for delivery within two hours.

Free delivery and collection with no hidden surcharges

We also offer a simple and transparent pricing policy with no hidden surcharges. Rates are constant throughout the country and customers benefit from special all-inclusive pricing including free delivery and collection.

Access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles across the UK

We have a preferred supplier partnerships in place with access to many of the United Kingdom's leading vehicle rental companies fleets.

Our advanced systems are linked directly to suppliers, providing instant access to literally hundreds of thousands of vehicles available right across the UK.

Clients with regular daily rental requirements can contact us to set up a rental account. 

For clients with occasional daily rental needs we specifically partner with Europcar who provide an online booking facility.

Neva Consultants works in partnership with leading Rental Management providers.

For more information or to open a rental account please contact our sales consultants on 01825 720900 or