Fleet Management


Fleet management can be time consuming and complicated, regardless of the size of your fleet.

Whether it's day to day issues of finding the correct contact number or location for a specific service, getting tyres fitted or repairs carried out or simply locating the correct finance company for each particular vehicle on your fleet for things like mileage amendments or termination costs. Then there is the added work caused by the ever-tightening regulations regarding duty of care, eligibility of employees to drive on company business or vehicle condition reporting.

Fortunately, Neva have a one stop solution for all of these issues and more - whether Neva Consultants supplied your vehicles or not!

From the dashboard of the C-Fleet system there are links for all of your company vehicles in order to check items such as vehicle contract details or specification, or simply to check your drivers have completed the system scheduled and automated vehicle inspection reports...

Additionally vital operational issues like amending scheduled delivery dates and addresses or simply to request collection at the end of contract are all made easy and can be done in your own time. 

In addition, an entire suite of reports are just a click away, allowing full access to reports such as P46, and P11d tax reports, mileage and service due/overdue and history reports, fuel card usage data and many other time saving reports.

C-Fleet Desktop

Our Smart Phone Optimised Web App for drivers also allows for vital functions like service booking, mileage inputs and vehicle inspection reports to be done whilst on the go(but of course not while driving). Ensuring that it is easy for drivers to 'self-serve' and therefore tie up less adminstrative time.

C-Fleet Mobile Web App

Now your entire vehicle fleet can be assessed and evaluated at a simple click of a button, whether Neva Consultants supplied all, some or none of your vehicles.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of C-Fleet please contact your our Key Accounts team on 01825 720900 or keyaccounts@neva-consultants.com