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Training & Quality Manager

Ashley is a car fanatic and likes to spend time 
with his family when he's not in the office. 

Favourite Travel Destination: Malta  
Dream Car: Nissan GTR

Email: Ashley.Fish@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720914

Operations Team

In David's spare time he is an avid gamer
and film fanatic.

Favourite Travel Destination: France
Dream Car: Aston Martin V8 

Email: David.Muldowney@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720924

Operations Team

Emily's interests outside of work include, going to the cinema and horse riding.

Favourite travel destination? Vietnam
Dream car? Anything Audi

Email: Emily.Pirie@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720913

Fleet Support Product Specialist

Isabel has many interests outside of work, these include horse riding, skiing, hockey and long dog walks in the countryside.

Favourite Travel Destination: Caribbean

Dream Car: Audi R8 Spyder

Email: Isabel.Barr@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720906
Operations Team

Isabelle's interests outside of work include hugging her cat, knitting and writing poetry

Favourite Travel Destination: McDonalds
Dream Car: Ford KA

Email: isabelle.akov@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720922
Operations Team

Jasmine enjoys cooking, going to the cinema and fishing in her spare time

Favourite Travel Destination: Anywhere new!
Dream Car: Honda Civic Type R

Email: jasmine.vince@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720908
Operations Team Manager

In her spare time, Magenta enjoys going to the gym, long walks, farming and is a keen gamer.

Favourite Travel Destination: Thailand
Dream Car: Ford Mustang V8

Email: Magenta.Kemp@neva-consultants.com
Direct Dial: 01825 720918
 Magenta Kemp