Driver Licence Checking

Until now complying with all the legal requirements of managing drivers licences and other essential documents (Insurance, MOT, Tax and registration) across a vehicle fleet (or grey fleet) has been a costly, time consuming, hassle.

Fortunately Neva can offer a single automated solution to provide up to the minute accurate information on the legality of both your drivers and their cars. 

For your company owned vehicles we check:
  • Driving licences
  • A drivers license status and entitlement to drive
  • The driving licence online
  • Information on a drivers licence is correct
  • Licence validity dates
  • Current endorsements and points on the licence
  • Vehicle categories driver checks showing vehicles a driver can drive
  • A driver is not disqualified
Additionally for 'grey fleet' we check:
  • Insurance - both for the existance of and the type of cover 
  • MOT
  • Vehicle Excise Duty
  • Vehicle Service Tracking 

This unique approach minimises your risk of employing disqualified drivers, while ensuring your business complies with complex driver management legislation so reducing your corporate risks and your insurance premiums typically by 11-13%.

We offer, through our partners, a unique driving licence verification system based on a three year consent accessing the DVLA driver database.

This entitles us, with your drivers’ permission, to access their DVLA driver record at any time during the three year term with no further recourse to the driver. Our service complies with the requirements of the DVLA and the Data Protection Act providing you with clear concise and meaningful reports.

Our systems constantly keep you fully informed of all relevant compliance issues, so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicle, fleet, costs and risks.

By ensuring all your drivers’ licences are valid, right now, using advanced, award winning IT systems backed by high speed data links with the DVLA and DVANI, you get both the peace of mind that things are in order and the ability to meet your statutory obligations from a position of strength through knowledge.

These systems are used by over 20% of the FTSE-100 – and hundreds of smaller businesses.

If you’d like discuss reducing the risks, costs and hassle of managing your drivers please contact us today.

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