Licence Check

Changes to legislation mean that businesses are more exposed than ever to risks from the behaviour of their drivers. Our online service reduces that risk by checking your drivers' licences against DVLA licence data automatically.

How will Licence Check help your business?

Licence Check helps you comply with Health and Safety guidelines regarding driver licence checking. Once your drivers are set up, the process is automatic so you don't forget.
This not only reduces the risk to your business but also reduces the administrative
burden of checking licences manually.

Corporate manslaughter law now makes it easier to prosecute companies responsible
for fatal accidents. With an unlimited maximum penalty for a conviction, no company
can take Duty of Care seriously enough.

Why choose Neva Consultants?

-       Licence Check provides comprehensive and up-to-date data on your drivers from
DVLA data, which protects you against fraud

-       You can choose the frequency of the checks and carry these out more often
for drivers convictions or a poor accident record

-       Neva Consultants can provide help and advice in setting up your drivers
for automated and secure driver licence checking

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Licence Check includes:

Licence Check addresses these issues by offering you a convenient and comprehensive online portal which allows you to check:

-       Whether the driver ever passed a test

-       Whether the driver is currently banned

-       That the driver is entitled to drive the category of vehicle they are operating

-       Whether the driver has any undisclosed points or endorsements on their licence

-       That the driver’s recorded address matches

All you need to do is register your drivers' details with us and nominate how often you would like our system to check their records. 
We charge a flat fee every time our system checks an individual driver's records. You can increase or decrease the frequency depending on a driver's status.

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