Fuel Management

Fuel Management gives your business increased control over the way your drivers buy and use fuel, streamlining the process and reducing the cost of managing your fleet.

How will Fuel Management help your business?

Fuel Management allows you to be in control of the fuel used by your drivers. 
It reduces your administration costs and makes it easier for you to cut down on excessive business mileage claims and fraud.

Importance of fuel management

After vehicle depreciation, fuel costs are likely to be the second biggest expense to your fleet. When you consider current high fuel prices, it is becoming increasingly important to manage your budget.

Fuel price isn't the only thing you should be concerned about. Fuel efficiency, processing claims, overall mileage and VAT recovery are also important considerations.

Neva Consultants Fuel Management is a convenient alternative to 'pay-and-reclaim' and can help you save time recovering VAT:

-       You will be provided with a single VAT invoice, saving you time reclaiming your money

-       Provides a full breakdown of VAT

-       Saves time finding individual receipts

-       The VAT invoice we send you in accepted by HM Revenue and Customs

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Why choose Neva Consultants?

-       The Neva Consultants fuel card is the most widely accepted in the UK and can be used 
in most of the leading petrol retailers including all the major supermarket fuel stations

-       It provides comprehensive fuel usage reporting which is accepted for tax purposes by HMRC

-       It offers full transaction reporting which can be linked into most fleet management systems so you can automatically link fuel usage to a vehicle or driver

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