Eco-Fleet – What is it?

Green fleet management is no longer a simple case of ethics. Fleet operators must now juggle a complex mix of requirements if they are to build a sustainable, cost effective and efficient fleet, such as:

-       Understanding new and emerging technologies

-       Leveraging ever-changing legislation taxation

-       Providing alternative mobility solutions to their drivers

-       Reducing overall costs

How will eco-Fleet help your business?

Adopting an eco-Fleet can benefit your business across 4 key areas:

Cost reduction - At its root, eco-Fleet is about investing in the right technology. Forward-thinking vehicle choices can deliver tangible cost-savings to both businesses and drivers
alike by reducing fuel costs, National Insurance contributions, vehicle excise duty, corporation tax, and benefit-in-kind

Driver performance - Encouraging drivers to engage with your green aspirations is critical. eco-Fleet’s driver training and awareness programmes can help you get your drivers on-side by offering a three-step green approach to eco-driving; driver training and risk assessment, informed vehicle choice and mobility solutions

Environmental impact - Our clients are enjoying a smaller carbon footprint, and reduced fleet costs

Technology - It’s critical that you monitor and manage your fleet to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency, and to help you demonstrate how improvements to your vehicle mix and driver performance are providing a tangible return on investment.

eco-Fleet is supported by e-Fleet, our cloud-based fleet management and reporting suite. From procurement and delivery, through in-life fleet management, to driver support,
e-Fleet enables fleet operators of any size to manage their entire fleet from a single system.

Why chose Neva Consultants?

We have partnered with the Energy Saving Trust to provide a range of complimentary services which can identify further cost and environmental savings within organisation’s transport activities

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Cost benefits

To illustrate the cost benefits of choosing a vehicle with CO2 emissions below 160g/km, we compared two Nissan Qashqai models. 
Although the value of the DiG-T Tekna model is £390 more than the dCi Tekna model, it could cost over £4,000 less to run over 3 years and could save the employee over £1,200 in Benefit in Kind (BIK).

*Total rental includes disallowed VAT. Monthly cost includes disallowed VAT and assumes VAT at 20%. Insurance assumes an average yearly cost of £500. Total contract cost to company assumes 20% Corporation Tax.

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