e-Fleet Mobile

e-Fleet Mobile – What is it?

e-Fleet Mobile is a smartphone app that makes life simpler for drivers and provides better
control for fleet managers. e-Fleet mobile is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile.

How will e-Fleet Mobile help your business?

e-Fleet Mobile can make life simple for drivers and providers better control for fleet managers. The app allows drivers to record their mileage, book a service and access
all their support numbers in one place; while for fleet managers, there's predictive mileage contract control and vehicle inspection reporting.

Why choose e-Fleet Mobile?

-       e-Fleet Mobile offers drivers enhanced functionality and remote access to the key services needed
        to ensure their vehicles continue to operate effectively

-       The app integrates with e-Fleet, our online fleet management system, ensuring fleet managers are
         in control of their fleet at all times through the effective recording of vital driver information  

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e-Fleet Features and Benefits

-       Driver Support Numbers – All the main numbers and access points are tailored to your individual vehicle, from breakdown recovery to tyre replacement

-       Driver Mileage Input – Use e-Fleet Mobile to update your mobile directly. No more searching for scraps of paper – mileage can now be recorded on your device

-       Service – Easily book a service from directly within e-Fleet mobile, with driver and vehicle data pre-populated for ease of use

-       Vehicle Inspection Reporting – An optional way to report on the condition of your vehicle without having to fill in a form or having to return paperwork

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