Samways Fish Delivery Vans

Published on 14/05/2015

Family business, Samways-Fish, one of the UK’s leading seafood suppliers and recently took delivery of five refrigerated Transits from Neva Consultants which will be primarily be used for deliveries to local restaurants in Bridport where the business is based. Bridport is of course the location for the highly successful ITV drama Broadchurch.  The Sandstone East Cliff in the photos was used extensively in filming and promotion of the Broadchurch series.

Two different models of Ford Transit van were supplied and delivered, 350 High Roof and 330 Low Roof, all of which were fitted with refridgeration units before delivery. The graphics and images used on the vans were also provided prior to delivery ensuring that the vehicles were ready to be put into service as quickly as possible.

Clive Samways said "I would like to pass on a big thank you from the management at Samways Fish who fully appreciate all of the efforts put in by the Neva HQ team in getting these vehicles ordered, converted and finally delivered. The hard work and effort put in by all the staff at Neva has paid off and the end result is really worth it!" 

 Samways Fish VansSamways Fish