Regional Winners of the British Chamber of Commerce Awards

Published on 28/09/2015

British Chamber of CommerceWe're thrilled to have been announced as regional winners of the British Chamber of Commerce Awards in the category 'Best Use of Technology to Improve Business Performance' ( 

The category award recognises businesses that have fully exploited the range of technology available to businesses to improve their overall business performance. Entrants for this award must demonstrate how they have used the power of technology to transform their business.

The judges will be looking at:

  • - The range of technology used in conducting day to day business
  • - How information and communication technologies have improved the businesses processes and efficiency
  • - The use of information and communication technologies to improve customer service and engagement
  • - How the above practices influence the organisation’s supply chain

Our C-Fleet system has been at the forefront of the leasing industry technology and innovation since its launch and continues to be developed and enhanced. To find out more please contact our sales team on 01825 720900 or or follow this link 
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