Ready for winter?

Published on 09/11/2017

Is your vehicle ready for the winter? Read our handy advice to help you prepare for the winter months!car in snow

  1. Approaching an oil change? Don’t delay on having your oil changed as winter approaches. Oil tends to thicken as it gets colder and if the oil is too thick, it won’t do the best job at keeping your vehicles engine lubricated.

  2. Check your vehicles battery! If your battery is older than 3 years, it is worth having a specialist to test it to ensure it can hold the charge. The cold and damp weather is highly likely to affect your battery and it wouldn’t be ideal to have to try and jump-start your vehicle when it’s freezing cold outside and you need to get to work!

  3. Check your visibility. With winter weather coming there will be plenty of rainfall, ensure your windscreen wipers work effectively and your windscreen washer is full to the correct level.

  4. Check your lights. With the daylight getting shorter and the weather becoming worse, you will want to ensure you can see while driving and that other drivers can see you! Check that all your exterior lights work and if any are out, get them changed as soon as possible.

  5. Consider winter tyres. Winter tyres will offer exceptional grip when the temperature drops and when snow and ice start to appear. If you don’t want the extra cost of winter tyres and the hassle of finding somewhere to store your existing tyres, you’ll want to ensure the tyre tread depth is adequate as it can have a dramatic difference on your steering and braking. 
    Also check your tyre air pressure, it is likely to drop as the weather gets colder and it is important as it can give you even better grip during the winter months. 

  6. Prepare an emergency kit, if you break down over the winter months you’ll be glad you have it! Consider including;
- Warm clothes/blanket
- A hazard warning triangle
- De-icer and a scraper
- A torch
- Food and water
- Jump-start cables
- First-aid kit
- Hi-visibility vest

Handy tip! A good set of car mats will help to protect your vehicles carpet from wet and muddy shoes and they can also be wedged under the vehicles wheels to help get you going again when you’re really stuck in the snow!

If you’re thinking of changing your car before winter sets in, Neva have offers available on all makes and models.