Local Sussex Businesses Negotiate Deal

Published on 24/07/2018

Sussex businesses Neva Consultants and Focus Group have signed an exclusivity contract to provide each other with their services for the next 3 years which is worth
at least £3 million. Uckfield based leasing company, Neva Consultants, who have been trading for 26 years, and Focus Group, a UK leading communication service provider based in Southwick, signed the agreement in May this year

Neva Consultant’s award-winning fleet management solution ‘e-Fleet’ will be embedded into Focus’ processes. Neva Consultant’s ‘Fleet 360’ model provides Focus Group with the best combination of advice, products, competitive pricing and outstanding service. Currently, Focus Group have a fleet of 100 vehicles but through growth and acquisition are forecasting to increase their fleet size to 200 vehicles over the next 3 years.

Neva Consultants have worked closely with Focus Group through their ‘eco-Fleet’ department to reduce the company’s costs and individual’s taxation. To achieve this,
Neva Consultants are focused on lowering Focus Group’s carbon footprint by optimising
the vehicle choices and staying within a maximum CO2 emission of 110g/km limit.

Neva Consultants are presently discussing with Focus Group how hybrid and full electric vehicles could be integrated into their company car policy to bring the carbon footprint
even lower.

In return, Neva Consultants have signed a 3-year exclusive contract with award-winning telecoms provider, Focus Group, in which they will supply Neva Consultants’ head
office and their office locations across the UK with 135 new hosted handsets across all 29 sites.

Ralph Gilbert, Managing Director at Focus Group and Graham Prince, Managing Director
at Neva Consultants.

Following a thorough evaluation of the specific requirements of each branch and the objectives set out by Neva Consultants, Focus Group recommended Horizon, a VOIP telephone system, as the perfect solution to the company’s needs. Having initially 
dealt with multiple vendors, contracts and telephone systems across all 29 sites, where all outbound calls incurred costs, Neva Consultants now have the scalable yet simple-to-manage telephony solution making it easy to divert or forward calls between sites and mobile numbers so customer calls are always answered. They are now also taking 
advantage of the feature-rich set, in particular CRM integration and call recording, which ensures Neva Consultants are fully compliant. 

The new system has transformed Neva Consultants’ ability to communicate with not only their customers, but their colleagues across all of their sites. The projected cost savings alone have more than paid for the system upgrade that has helped Neva Consultants efficiently manage their calls and improve overall customer service levels.

Neva Consultants and Focus Group have a wealth of experience within their industries; they both offer highly trained teams who can provide expert advice within their working field.

Both businesses pride themselves on consistently increasing their customer base and are delighted to come together to help each business continue to grow.

Graham Prince, Managing Director at Neva Consultants says, “I am delighted to sign this contract with such a reputable and high profile company as Focus Group. Their attention to detail has been exemplary and the implementation and switch over to the new hosted phone system was seamless.
As an FCA regulated business having call recording to protect the interests of our clients is a requirement, and serves to protect both client and company alike, but with locations spread across the country this was no small job to ensure all were fitted and working on the same day. Focus Group were professional throughout and I can honestly say there was not one issue despite the complexities. We are obviously delighted to have been chosen to work closely with Focus Group to supply and embed our Fleet Management system “e-Fleet” to manage their fleet of company cars and opt-out drivers. Neva Consultants very much looks forward to supporting the company with their growth aspirations whilst ensuring at all times their duty of care around vehicles is at the forefront of all of our advice and guidance.”

Ralph Gilbert, Managing Director at Focus Group says, “I have worked with Neva Consultants for a few years now and I’m pleased to say they have been one of our preferred brokers for our vehicle contract hires for the last 18 months – long may this continue.  Not only do they provide us with competitive quotes immediately, they will go out of their way to gain all the necessary information.  Neva are efficient, cooperative and do everything they can to obtain the most competitive price for our fleet vehicles. As our fleet grows along with our company, we are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Neva Consultants.”

For more information, please contact:

Focus Group - 0333 666 0215 or marketing@focus-grp.co.uk

Neva Consultants – 01825 720900 or info@neva-consultants.com