Accident Management


In the event of an incident, Accident Management can significantly reduce vehicle off-road days, administration and monitoring, leading to a reduction in fleet costs and minimising disruption.

How will Accident Management help your business?

Accident Management reduces the disruption which arises when one of your drivers is involved in an incident. We take care of all the administration relating to the claim and getting your vehicle back on the road. This leaves you and your team free to look after your business.

Industry statistics show that, per incident, over five hours is spent managing the accident process. Our Accident Management service removes this burden and guarantees your vehicles are back on the road in the quickest time possible.


-       Independent network of approved repairers

-       Estimates reviewed within four hours, with repair standards monitored by our expert engineers

-       Key stakeholders notified of incidents via email (insurer, broker, fleet contacts and uninsured loss recovery provider)

-       Repairers offer a delivery, collection and mobile estimating service

-       Courtesy car for the duration of the repair

-       Comprehensive monthly management information

-       Rentals backdated for incident date for total loss vehicle


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Why choose Neva Consultants?

-       We provide a free replacement vehicle for 48 hours if your vehicle cannot be driven and a courtesy car while the vehicle is being repaired

-       For smaller incidents, repairs are carried out on your premises which can help reduce vehicle off-road time by up to 70%

-       Here at Neva Consultants we take care of all administration and keep everyone informed on the progress of repairs by email, text message and telephone


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