This website was built to comply with internationally accepted web standards and accessibility guidelines, in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of personal disability or browsing software.

Document Compliance
This sites templates are written in HTML and styled using CSS code. We validate our pages regularly to ensure this standard is maintained.

Accessibility Standards
We have applied the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Version 2.0, Level 1 standard to this site. Some of the guidelines require interpretation and we have used our judgement to implement them. In some instances we have gone beyond the basic requirements.

We use style sheets for visual layout combined with structured mark-up of headings, paragraphs and lists to separate content from presentation. The content of our pages is still readable if style sheets are turned off or unavailable. We have used relative font sizes on our pages to ensure text is resizable in visual browsers.

All content images have alt text providing equivalent text to describe their function. Purely decorative images have empty alt text, i.e. alt="", which means screen readers ignore the images completely.

We will not use any personal information obtained via this website for any purpose other than that stated when the information is gathered.

We monitor traffic to this website using Google Analytics.

This system is covered by Google's standard privacy statement. This system is used to monitor trends of usage and does not include any personally identifiable information.