Fuel Management

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About Our Fuel Card
However large or small your fleet may be, fuel cards can make it easier to contr ol fuel consumption and therefore save your business money.
Our Fuel C ard is a managed card payment system for fuel-related purchases, which enables your businesses to control the spend on refuelling company vehicles.

Features of the card:

  • Suitable for all vehicles - cars, vans, HGV's etc
  • Can be assigned to the driver or vehicle, or both
  • Product restrictions enabling card purchase to be limited by fuel type i.e. diesel, unleaded, LPG, LRP
  • Purchase controls enabling only fuel-related products to be purchased on the card
  • Pay regular pump price
  • Weekly invoice with 7 or 14 days to pay
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Extensive optional management information available (at an additional cost)
  • Largest multi-branded network in the UK - 95% of UK fuel sites accept the card inc. all major oil companies, hypermarkets, motorway services etc.
  • Single, consolidated invoice - HM Customs & Excise approved
  • Complies with EU 6th VAT Directive changes for pay and reclaim customers
  • Security and product restrictions, vehicle/driver based, signature/ vehicle check
  • Cost savings due to less admin - there is no need to collect fuel receipts to calculateVAT and reimburse driver
  • The front of the card details the card number, account name, driver name /registration number or both
  • Product restriction i.e. Fuel and Oil only, Diesel and Oil only etc.
  • Expiry Date (normal re-issue 36 months) 
  • The reverse of the card holds the signature panel, magnetic strip (this must be completed for security purposes)
  • Recommended that the card is registration based for control & reporting purposes
  • No bearer cards


 Key Benefits of dedicated Fuel Card useage: Traffic

  • Cost control
  • Flexibility
  • Data collection
  • Driver convenience
  • Does away with Pay & Reclaim - driver not using own funds and real costs are accurately reflected
  • Don't have to receive free fuel to benefit
  • Encourages higher awareness of fuel prices - motivates drivers to buy competitively priced fuel
  • Reduction in litres used - targeting of aggressive drivers


Card Control and Security:

  • Fraud awareness - Daily STAR report advising and exceptional fuel / oil purchases within a day
  • OLA - Online authorisation benefits
    - authorising in real time
    - automated system
    - increased control over card usage
    - stops transactions at POS
  • Any fuel & oil combination - product restrictions 
  • Reverse control - must be registration or signature, or both
  • Card reporting against driver or vehicle - management reports/ transactional detail
  • No Bearer Cards - no name/no registration = no security


For more information or to enquire about setting up a fuel account please contact us on 01825 720900