Mission Statement


Neva Consultants, passionately delivering excellent and unbiased vehicle fleet services.

Mission and Values

Neva are focused on the values of Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Manifesting Knowledge and Exceeding Expectations. Having a good product or service at a competitive price is not enough. Neva aim to provide great value, offer outstanding service and save customers time & money - and that means going the extra mile with attention to detail - in order to build strong long lasting mutually beneficial client relationships.

- Personal Responsibility – Building a culture of empowering staff to take ownership of issues and the ability to resolve those issues
- Respect – Ensuring staff maintain a courteous and welcoming attitude in all dealings
- Integrity – Maintaining a professional, honest and transparent approach to interacting with clients, suppliers, staff and business partners
- Manifesting Knowledge- Ongoing training & investment in staff
- Exceeding Expectations – Striving for the optimum outcome to every situation

All combining to make Neva Consultants the 'PRIME' choice for you and your vehicle fleet.